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OMG Candy!
Welcome to Sugar Mountain!


We carry everything a candy lover could ever want! We have everything from high-quality bulk, to imported U.K and U.S. candy, to the best (and cheapest) selection of Jelly Bellys, our brilliant sugar free choices, and of course the very best of Canada too! We also carry a huge assortment of Pez, Novelties, and our own Sugar Mountain brand of goodies!

If you're looking for fun, stop by Sugar Mountain and we can give it to you in bagfulls. With our selection of awesome treats and toys, we are sure you will find everything you want...and more!


  Sugar Mountain News


Introducing FroZone Yogurt by Sugar Mountain!

Sugar Mountain is proud to introduce our newest product line - FroZone Yogurt by Sugar Mountain available at our Place D'Orleans location.  This fantasic frozen yogurt can be topped with all of your favorite toppings from candy to fresh fruit to granola!  Your choice!  At 2 cent per gram it is a deal that cannot be missed. 

Stop by today to give your tastebuds a sweet treat!  You know you want to.


Black Friday Shopping!

Looking forward to getting your Holiday shopping started next week during Black Friday?  We here at the Mountain want to make that experience a lot sweeter for you!  All of our mall locations are open for extended hours on Friday November 28, 2013.

We are running our popular "Spend $20 and get a $10 gift certificate" promo at our Bramalea City Center, St. Laurent Shopping Center, Place d'Orleans and Vaughn Mills location on November 28th.  First come first serve basis so get there early!  

Please note that hours vary based on location.  So if you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, present for your BFF that is the world's biggest candy lover, gift certificates for when  you are not sure if your boss likes Large Sour Keys or Small Sour Keys or just a treat for yourself to get you through the long line ups Sugar Mountain has you covered!  Happy Shopping!


Our Favorite Candies - St. Laurent Shopping Center Edition!

Here at Sugar Mountain, it's no secret that we just LOVE candy! Our
Mountaineers work tirelessly to improve their candy palettes (it's a tough
job, we know!) so we can bring you the very best treats around. But what
do Mountaineers like the very most? We asked our staff at the St. Laurent Shopping
Center Sugar Mountain store that very hard question: "So, what's YOUR favorite



What's so special about being a Mountaineer!

The staff at our 582 Danforth Avenue store wants to let you know.... Why being a Mountaineer is so Special!


Are you ready for Valentines?

We here at Sugar Mountain like to consider ourselves the “alternative” place to look for candy.  You can buy a gaudy, satin covered heart with chocolates in it anywhere – we like to think if you’re coming to us – you want to be different!


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